Ben10: Total Battle

Looks like Ben is going all out in a total battle against all of his enemies. of course, Ben would have help from his friends and some of them are also aliens, who would be there for Ben for his support. Ben knows that his friends won't let the enemies overwhelm him and they won't certainly let the enemies to defeat Ben. When all of Ben's friends and enemies are here, you can expect that it would be an all out war. Whoever wins would surely decide the fate of mankind. Rather, if Ben and his friends win then the human race won't need to change as they can go on with their everyday lives.

The game is about stacking the same kind of buttons in three. If you did that then it would come off. But, if you can't do that then it would just stack up till there are no space. Don't forget that you need to beat the time or you would surely lose. The idea here is to not let the stacks to reach the lowest or you would surely lose. Once, you finish with all the levels, then you would be judge and base on your performance, you will either win or lose against Driscol.

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