Ben 10 New World

Ben Tennyson has fought lots of battle here on Earth, but it seems that he hasn't gone to all the places in this world as there are still mysteries that is left unsolved. Well, most of these mysteries has something to do with aliens. Recently, Ben was puzzled to find that there is a whole new world within this world that he hasn't explored yet. Ben is determined to explore it to know what secrets lies beneath. Besides, some evil aliens are using the new world to cause some trouble in the real world. And Ben can't just sit it out and wait for something to happen. Knowing Ben, he would do his best to stop the invasion as he truly loves this world and won't let anything bad to happen to it.

The idea of the game is to explore the new world. This world has lots of danger and most of the time, it has something to do with fire rather than aliens. You would see a lot of fire and you should not be touching it or your character dies on the spot. You have several lives in the game that you can use. However, if you lose all those lives then the game is over.

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