Ben 10 Against the Zombies

When the zombie apocalypse happened, Ben was fighting some aliens outside of our world, so he hasn't a have a clue on what is happening with his own planet. Eventually, the zombies has took most of the planet. Now, living in a waste land is such a hell itself. After winning the fight against the evil alien, Ben's Omnitrix was badly damage. Needless to say, he can't use it for a very long time. Ben was surprise to see the zombies for the first time, but he eventually recovered and now leads a small resistance army against the zombies.

Nope, you can't rely on the power of the Omnitrix in this game, but you got a small knife and a blaster, which you could use to fight the zombies with. Each kill would earn you money. You need to kill all of the zombies to gain access to a new level. You could use the money to buy some upgrades for your character. As you make some progress, you would notice that the zombies are getting tougher. And that is why, you need to upgrade your character.

Are You ready to take on the new challenge and fight the zombies?

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