Ben10 : Super Penalty

Both Ben and his cousin, Gwen are sports oriented, making them as competitive as they could be. Sure, they like hunting evil aliens, but since that would be impossible every day, they need a sport activity, wherein they can exhibit their potentials. Though, it might not be as fun as hunting aliens, it would surely be a great past time for them. What they did is to search for some kids that would be their opponent on each area. They first thought that they would have a hard time finding some kids that are competitive in sports, but they were wrong as there are lots of them. Anyway, each of the game they played with the other kids are worth it since they did enjoy all of it.

The game is played with the keyboard. In the game, an arrow will tell you where to hit the ball, the direction, and the speed of the ball. You need to make sure that you are able to get the ball in the basket, but that won't be easy since there is a player that would be blocking your attempt. You need to make sure that the ball would land in the basket and be able to outsmart your opponent.

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