Ben10 Savage Pursuit

Dr Animo is back and he wants to rule the world through his beloved animals. He sends in his mutant animals to retrieve some parts for his transmodulator. When Grandpa Max finds out about the evil scheme, he immediately dispatched Ben to put a stop against the Doctors evil plan. Ben knows that this would be dangerous, but e is confident on what his Omnitrix can do, so set in on a dangerous mission. There would be lots of mutant animals that he needs to do battle. Then again, he can always avoid some fight and try to get to where he wants, especially that there would be lots of mutants waiting for him.

In this game, you set out in a series of quest, which leads you to the ultimate showdown with Dr. Animo later on the game. You need to conserve your transformation powers as much as possible since that is only for a limited time. Though, you can grab some transformation powers throughout the game, it is not recommended since there are lots of enemies and you might not even reach the end of each level if you are to use your power often. The game gets harder and harder as make some progress.

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