Ben10: Jeep Race

Ben is fighting with aliens all the time, but we all know about the saying all work without play makes a guys as boring as he could be. That is why Ben set his eyes on finding other recreational activities to make sure that he enjoys his life. He found out about jeep racing and he enjoyed his first try. Though, he doesn't win, he knows that all it takes is some practice and he would surely win one of these days. Also, he need a lot of funds to buy the parts needed to upgrade his jeep. Well, that won't be a problem since he is able to collect a lot of treasures as he travels this world and the other world from time to time.

In this game, let's just focus on driving and forget about anything else. Your goal would be to finish the race first, but that won't be easy since your rivals are good at this. There won't be any booster to help you in this game, so you need to focus on good old driving. Remember that you need to finish the race first or you lose the game at all. There are no second place in this game because that would mean that you lose the game and you can't advance to the next level.

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