Ben10 Critical Impact

It happened before and it wipe out most of the populations of the dinosaurs then. Now, the same event that almost wipe out the terrible lizard is here again. A questions remains in our mind, whether we would survive this or not. The World Government had already deployed some fighter jets to intercept the meteorites from out of the sky. Soon, even the PLUMBERS sent their best fighters on the field. Ben is currently on the field trying to blast his way through the meteors. He know that he can't do all, but what he need to focus right now is to get rid of as many meteorites as he can.

In this game, Earth and all of the creatures living here is in danger of mass extinction since the same catastrophe that wipe out the dinosaurs are here again. Meteorites are coming down to our planet and we need to rely on Ben to stop them. Anyway, that is the whole scenario and you need to transform into Heatblast to get rid of the meteorites. Change into Ghostfreak, so you won't hit a log. You need to inter-switch between the two to survive. You need to make sure that no meteor come close since that would damage your life.

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