Ben10: In Mario World

Everyone knows who is Mario as this guy become popular way back before Ben even existed. And to tell you the truth, the guy must be one of the most popular characters during those era. Sad to say that all things must come to an end as all of its players are already adults right now. Anyway, it is one of the best games ever played back in the days. Now, a new hero emerges, but this one has a different world and on top of that, he is just a kid. Ben Tennyson is the kid, who manage to find the Omnitrix in the forest and ever since become the master of the device since then.

This game is a variation of the game, Super Mario World that become popular in the 90's. This time, you would be dealing with lots of aliens instead of the old kuppa troops. You are in Mario land to tell the least and the rules are pretty much like in the old game. The only new here is that you can transform into two different entities, such as Heatblast and Diamondhead. At the start of the game, you be Ben that is dress like a dwarf or something. Your goal would be to reach the flagpole as fast as you can.

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