Ben10: Bomber

Once again, Ben is back, but this time, he can't use the OMnitrix since it got busted the last time that he had fought the aliens attacking the world. Now, a new menace has arrived and Ben can't use the Omnitrix. He needs a blaster that he can use to fight the evil aliens off the planet. He knows that this won't be easy; especially that he can't use the power of the Omnitrix. Instead, he would need to use a blaster from a far, since he can't fight this alien head on. It would be stupid of him, if he does that without being able to transform into an alien himself.

The game is played with a mouse and your goal is to get rid of the invading aliens no matter what. Most of the time, you won't be able to reach the aliens from where you are at, so you need to use your wits. Remember to take a look of your surroundings when playing the game, since you can find some useful things that you can use against the aliens. That won't be easy, but in some cases, that would be your only option.

Are you ready to fight for this Earth once again?

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