Ben10: Tooth Problem

Ben might be one of the best heroes that we have in this world that can go head to head with some of the galaxies baddest alien, but when it comes to tooth problem, he would always be a child. Actually, even grown ups would not be able to do their job if their gums are swelling. They need to got to the dentist since they can't handle this on their own. Let's not forget that Ben is still a child and he won't be able to bear the pain if it hits him. Ben got to the dentist and soon got his teeth clean. The dentist know what to do and soon Ben is happy once again as he got his teeth clean. Now, he is wearing a false teeth, but his teeth are already clean.

The game is played with a mouse. You need to clean Ben's teeth before getting rid of the bad teeth. Take those leftover food right out of his mouth. Use a special tool that would get rid of the leftovers that sticks to the teeth. Make sure that the teeth is all clean before the operation. The operation just involve taking out the black tooth from the gums. Afterwards, you can replace it with some false teeth.

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