Ben10: Dragon Blaze

Ben 10 has created many enemies when he acquired the Omnitrix, but he also manage to create lots of friends. One of the most powerful race that he had made a pact was a dragon. Fortunately, the dragon was an alien that landed on Earth millions of years ago. The Forever Knights seek to destroy the dragon, but Ben interfered and freed him. Since that day, he become one of Ben's friends. Now, a powerful race of aliens want to kill Ben because he is the only threat to their invasion. Ben ask his fried the dragon to help him in this fight. The dragon agreed and brought some of his powerful in the battlefield.

In this game, you need to push on till you get to the boss, which means that you don't have to kill all of the enemies going on your opposite side. Well, you can clear a large portion of them if you like and it would give you some points, but that won't help in the story at all. Grab some of the Ben 10 symbol since that would make your character stronger. As you get hit, you would notice that your dragon would get weaker. You only have three specials in this game, so it is recommended to save them till you face the boss for that level.

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