Ben 10: BMX Stunt

Ben Tennyson is a real daredevil. He is already brave before he got the Omnitrix. In fat, back when he don't have the Omnitrix yet, he would often compete in some BMX stunt competition. Though, he is not the best, it is clear how brave he is, since he would always broke his bone, but still he keeps doing it. Overtime, he mastered the art of doing stunt in the air with his BMX. He become popular and would often participate in BMX competition. There, he would show his prowess skill in BMX stunts.

Of course, we do understand that no one is born with a skill. You need to work hard on it or you won't gain any skill. If it takes a hundred times then that is what you need to do in order to gain a skill. Even if that means broken bones, you should keep on doing it and you would really get the skill to do that. Fortunately, we don't need to have broken bones since this is just a computer game, wherein our character is Ben Tennyson. The idea in this game is reach the amount of points needed for you to go to the next level.

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