Ben 10: Super Cross

Ben has been battling aliens ever since he first got the Omnitrix. Though, he enjoys it, he wish that there would be some day-off since he is always battling them day in and day out. As if, the battle never stop, but fortunately, his friends at the Plumbers offered to let him rest a bit. Some sort of weekends, wherein he can do almost anything that he wants as he knows that the world would be safe in the hands of the Plumbers. Besides, the Plumbers is made of aliens and human beings dedicated to creating a peaceful galaxy for all the race to live in. If anyone can do that then it would have to be this group since they have the technology and man for the job. And so, Ben did find a recreational activity that he enjoys. Besides Ben is still a kid and he need to unwind.

In this game, you need to forget about battling aliens as you don't do that in this game. Let's forget about that and focus on the task at hand. In this game, you need to drive your bike as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. There is a time and you won't want that timer to expire before you can get over to the finish line.

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