Ben10 Master of Flame

The world is very dangerous right now since aliens from outer space invaded the world. The whole world was surprised and can't do anything about it. Most of the world's defenses were powerless as they got surprise and their forces have dwindled now. Fortunately, a few of them survive and is now into hiding. They know that they are man's last chance. Ben was on a mission outside the planet when it all happened, so when he came back, he got surprised to see at what happened to his own planet. It was s nasty sight and he can't bare to see it. At last, Ben decided that it is time to flush these aliens out of his planet. After that, the whole world can rebuild Earth once again.

The idea here is to get to the landing site and be able to land safely. But, we all know that it won't be easy since there are lots of aliens coming your way. Some of these aliens will stop and go head to head with you. You are Heatblast in this game and you need to get to the landing site and be able to land safely. The game won't be easy, but it is really exiting since you don't know for sure if you are able to get to the landing site.

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