Ben 10: ATV Escape

Ben is one of the greatest super heroes we have in the twenty first centuries. Using his Omnitrix, he is able to stop the plan of those evil aliens. But, it doesn't mean that an alien would just come here to enslave as there are some good aliens to. In fact, the Omnitrix was created by an alien - Asmutt. Actually, it was just an accident that Ben came to hold of his alien device, but the rest is history. Now, aliens know of Ben, not only because he has stop some evil alien, but also, the fact that he had work together with some of the good alien in the entire galaxy. But, Ben can't always rely on his Omnitrix as it has a cool down period, wherein it can't be use. Fortunately, he has some friends to rely on during those parts. Also, the PLUMBERS supplies him with other gadgets that Ben can use. Take instance the ATV that Ben is using.

In this game, you just need to make sure that the aliens won't get you while they bomb the area. If you want to fight back then hit them with your missile. The idea here is to make lots of points by catching the orbs that the giant balloon is dropping.

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