Ben10: Monster Card

Ben Tennyson has been a hero for most of us. Though, he don't actually like to act like a hero since he is just a teenager, he is a real hero nevertheless. He saves everyone when they needed it the most. Other guys, would just stay out of trouble and pretend like they don't see a thing, but Ben won't do that. Even, without his Omnitrix, he would still be brave enough to fight for what is right since that is what is installed on him while he was growing up by his parents. He got lucky one day to find the Omnitrix and he also has an amazing family since his cousin Gwen has the bloodline of one of the most powerful aliens in the galaxy. His Grandpa is part of the secret society that keeps the world safe, in which, he is now a part of. Together with some of his new found friends, he keeps the world safe even if it means that they would put their lives in danger.

Fortunately, you don't need to put your life in danger as you just need to find the other half in this game. This is a card game and you won't need to put your life in danger as you just need to complete the all the cards.

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