Ben10 Middle Ages

An anomaly was causing some trouble and sending lots of people to different worlds. No one knows what is happening except for Ben Tennyson and he knows that this is somehow connected with an alien activity. This alien has a bad reputation and Ben needs to put a stop to what the alien is doing as the latter is changing the past. However, Ben also falls victim to the alien and he was sent to the middle ages. Sadly, his Omnitrix isn't working in that time period. He need to find other means to defend himself. He found a bow and arrow. He is lucky since he knows how to use it since he competes in the arrow shooting back at his school.

In this game, you won't be able to use the Omnitrix and you need to depend on your arrow shooting to defend yourself against your enemy. The only good side is that your enemy is also using arrows to fight you with, so it would be a fair fight. You need to hit your enemy first or you would take damage. You have 10 arrow in this game and you need to make them count. You can find other arrows as you play in the game, but it won't be enough it you would just shoot indiscriminately.

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