Ben 10: Volleyball

Ben Tennyson is always spending his time fighting some aliens, but his father notice that he is not enjoying his life like a normal kid, so he advises Ben to get into sport. At first, Ben finds it hard since he has always spent most of his time fighting some aliens. As he grows up, he finds it rather exciting than dangerous and he doesn't fear it anymore. But, his father knows that this would be bad for him not only as a teenager, but also as an adult someday. Ben tried many sports, but he just gets bored for playing them. Fortunately, there is one sport that Ben did like and he have played it with another hero. It is volleyball and here, he doesn't need to hurt anyone or get hurt in the process. This is a friendly sport.

In this game, you do need to beat your opponent by scoring more than him. the idea here is to get the ball on the other side, but that won't be easy since the other guy would also try that. You can play this game with a mouse or a keyboard. Either way, you sure would have a lot of fun playing this game.

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