Ben10: Alien Zombie Shot

Ben Tennyson has seen lots of different places since he has traveled the cosmos as he explores the universe. This also means that his Omnitrix is getting even more powerful as he is able to transform into more aliens since the DNA he got on his Omnitrix allows him to transform into different aliens. Now, that he have encountered lots alien, his Omnitrix has grown more powerful as it has collected more alien DNA and from which he can transform from. However, an alien disease is spreading from across the universe and Ben can't do something about it. He can't use the Omnitrix against the zombies as he might also transformed into a zombie is he gets close to them. To fight the alien zombies, the PLUMBERS provided him with a special motor that he could use to fight the alien zombies.

The idea here is to get to the your destination, but there would be lots of alien zombies trying to eat your brains. You need to shoot them before they can even get closer to you. You an replenish your shot when you find some ammo along the way. But, it would be wise to conserve your ammo as there are lots of zombies on the road.

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