Ben 10: Super Bomber

Ben has always relied on his alien transformation, but there are times that he can't transform into an alien simply because the Omnitrix needs time to recharge, but there are times that a battle resulted to the Omnitrix being broken and Ben can't use it anymore. This time is different as he found out an alien being capable of generating bombs hiding among human. They can hide in plain sight simply because they look human and when Ben added the DNA to the Omnitrix, he becomes the Super Bomber whenever he transform into this kind of alien. He looks the same outside, but he can generate bombs.

This game is played with a mouse. The idea here is to kill the aliens using the bombs that you generate. Well, you need to do it as long as you have bombs left. You can only generate up to 11 bombs and you need to make them count to advance to the next level. Then again,it would be difficult since the aliens would be hidden somewhere safe and you need to project your bombs to get to them. You need to calculate distance and strength you would need to make the throw.

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