Ben10: Chasedown 2

The galaxy has been peaceful for more than a year now and there are no alien activities on Earth either. Well, at least, there are no aliens making some trouble. As we all know by now, some aliens are good too. Anyway, there are no aliens making trouble, so Ben hasn't been fighting for a while. However, some crooks on the road are really pissing our young hero off and Ben want to get them since they are making some trouble on the road. Ben knows that this isn't the time for him to use the Omnitrix as he can just shoot the bad guys off the road.

In this game, you won't be using the Omnitrix to fight the enemies as you would need your car to chase them down. The car is mounted with a missile and you can use it on the enemies. Anyway the idea here is to find some enemies on the road. You would easily know since those cars are highlighted and you need to use the missiles mounted on your car to shoot them down. The game become harder and harder as you make some progress in the game. Try not to bump into another vehicle on the road other than the car you are chasing.

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