Ben 10: Time Attack

Vilgax has kidnapped Gwen and now Ben is on a mission to rescue his cousin. He knows that this would be dangerous, but danger is his middle name, besides, he has encountered countless danger ever since he got the Omnitrix. Now, this won't be that hard for him, but he needs to hurry since Gwen might be in danger and he needs to save her. No, Ben won't need to use the Omnitrix since there are no clear danger. Besides, his Omnitrix is still regenerating and it needs to charge up before Ben could use it again.

Don't worry about fighting some alien in this game, because there are no enemy in this game. But, you do need to watch out for those spiky grass that might do you harm. The idea is simple as you just need to get to Gwen before the timer runs out. Though, it is simple, it doesn't mean that it would be easy, so you need to be prepare at any danger. Anyway, the concept of the game is like Mario wherein you need to jump and get over some blocks. Sometime, you can get some coins from those bricks hanging on air.

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