Ben10: Chasedown

Aliens have entered our world for a long time now. Most of them are peaceful, so there are no harm if they enter our planet, but there are bad aliens and this is what the PLUMBERS are trying to prevent. They don't want any alien causing some trouble here on Earth. The aliens are well-blended in our society today that it would be hard to tell whether they are aliens, but that is not a problem for the PLUMBERS as they have deal with aliens for the longest time. Grandpa Max was an agent and was one of the best gent before. Now, that he is retired, it is up to Ben to go after the alien causing some trouble. There are reports that aliens are using cars and is causing some trouble for the local police. Ben was sent to dispose of them, but Ben knows that he can't use the Omnitrix or his disguise would be expose.

In this game, you can't use the OMnitrix because you are just going to drive a car. AS much as possible, you need to avoid colliding with other cars since that would damage your car. You can use a missile to dispose of the aliens in the car.

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