Ben 10: Grey Matters Polarity

Ben Tennyson notice that there is something wrong with the polarity of everything in the ship, but Ben can't fit right in, so he change into Grey Matter. He would need to make the polarity of he ship to be synchronized, so that it won't explode. Since other aliens are just too big and doesn't have the intellect to do the job, he change into Grey Matter since he is the smartest alien that Ben already have in his alien changing device. The soonest that he could fix the polarity, the soonest that he could relax, but that won't happen soon since there are too much work needed to be done.

In this game, you are Grey Matter and you need to make the molecules go away. You need to do it fast or the game will be over before you even know it. You can burst the bubble if you put three of the same color in one direction. It have to be on one another or it won't burst. If you do that with four or more then you would score more. Anyway, you can press the space bar if you can't do your job. But, be aware that you only have a few specials to use, so try to limit your use of that special.

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