Ben 10 Fight

What would you do when everything changes suddenly without you noticing any of it? Of course, you would investigate and try to find out the root of the problem. That is what Ben Tennyson did when he found out some huge animals running around his town. Ben doesn't have he slightest idea on what happened, but he is determined to solve the mystery. Anyway, Ben could transform for a short time, so fighting all the huge animals would be a big mistake. His best choice is just to keep on running and that is what Ben does to find the root of the problem.

In this game, you need to get to the other area to finish a level. But, before you can get there, you need to face lots of mutants. You have two options; either you fight or run away. The choice is yours, but it would be best to just run away since you can only transform into Heatblast when you found an unusual object floating on the ground. And that would be a problem since there aren't much of that in this game. The game would be harder as you move from one level to another, so stay safe and try to reach the end.

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