Ben 10 Final Clash

Ben Tennyson and his friends know how vast the universe are, so they are expecting anything to happen as they travel the cosmos. However, they were surprise to know that there is such an overlord more powerful than the ones they fought before. This guy, holds a tournament to determine the fate of galaxies. Of course, Ben, Brook, Gwen and Kevin are eager to save the galaxy, so they would want to win it. The problem is they are not the only ones, who are trying to do that to their own galaxy as most of the other competitors are trying to do just that. It doesn't matter what has the guy done in the past as what is important here is to win every match. Take note, that every guy is for themselves and no one would want to lose against their opponents.

This is a fighting game, wherein there are different characters There are no bad guys here as you just want to win and win till you are able to defeat the game. You can choose whoever you want to be your character and it doesn't have to be Ben and his friends. This is some kind of street fight happening all over the galaxy.

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