Ben 10 Trail Ride

We all know the Ben Tennyson is one brave kid even before he got the Omnitrix. Since he found the Omnitrix, he had fight so many aliens and won't against them. And that is what keeping him occupied and happy for most of the time. But, alien threat, don't always come as most of the time, the world is peaceful. Ben knows that he can't just transform into an alien and beat somebody up just for calling him names. He would need a hobby other than beating some aliens. Fortunately, he found out that riding bikes could be very thrilling. Of course, it you would just use it on the normal road then it won't be exciting, but using it on the mountain would give you the pleasure that you are seeking.

In this game, you need to get to the finish line safely, but that won't be easy since the course is made from mountains. You need to get through lots of mountains before you can get to your destination. Ride your bike as fast as you can and try to reach the finish line in as fast as you can. If you get an accident then you would go back to the starting line, but your time won't be reset.

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