Ben 10: Bazooka Madness

Ben Tennyson got the Omtnirix when he was vacationing with his gramps. Back then, he didn't know what to do and set a fire on the forest by mistake. After a while, he learns to use the OMnitrix and since then, he become good at it. Now, he is truly the master of the alien device. However, that doesn't mean that he don't have any problem with the device. The device has a cool down and he can't use it till it has cool down. Fortunately, his Grandpa Max is a member of the PLUMBER and they do have lots of weapon far better than most weapons that can be found here on Earth. His Grandpa Max lends him a bazooka that he can use when his OMnitrix need to be recharge, so that he can still fight the alien while the OMnitrix is still recharging.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to hit all of the aliens within a minimum time frame. The first few levels would be easy as the aliens are well-exposed, but targeting the aliens in later level would be quite hard since they aren't exposed. In this case, you would need to use the environment to your advantage.

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