Ben 10: Astro

Ben Tennyson need to get to another world as there seems to be a problem there. Now, Ben's job has gotten a lot bigger as he need to take care of the other world's too. Besides, not everyone can transform into more than ten different aliens. The PLUMBERS have high hope on him and they know that he can do the job. They know that Ben has prepared for this most of his life ever since he got the Omnitrix. Since that day, the PLUMBERS know that one day, they would rely on Ben. Now, that Ben has grown into a teen, he takes more responsibility as he knows that with great powers, comes great responsibility. That is what heroes are made out of.

The game is played with a keyboard. At the start of the game, you would need to press the space bar rapidly to give Ben the fuel that he needed to make it to another planet. Take note, that you don't need to fight in this game and if you find aliens in space, just ignore them as you can't do anything against them anyway. The idea here is to make it into another planet and nothing else.

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