Ben10: Chase Down 2

Aliens are hiding among us and most of the time, they can't be seen and no one would even suspect that they are alien. But, the PLUMBER is a group that specializes in aliens. Most of its members are aliens and they make sure that everything would be safe and working fine here on Earth. To make it short, they would come after any alien that would endanger the lives of anyone living peacefully here on Earth. Grandpa Max was a long time member of the said group. Now that Ben is an adult, he officially joined the group to make Earth as safe as possible. Ben has been assigned to catch and bring to justice any alien that is causing some trouble in the highway.

In this game, you need to catch the aliens, who are driving a car and try to destroy the car. There would be other vehicles on the road, so try to drive carefully. You would not want to damage your car since that would take a toll on your car. When your car takes too much hit then the game would be over. The idea here is to catch the alien driving cars and to destroy it. The game would be harder and more challenging as you make some progress.

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