Ben10: Memory Ball

Ben and Vilgax are totally two sworn enemies that would want to destroy one another. It all started when Ben first got the Omnitrix while he was spending some time with his Grandpa Max at the forest. Ben want to explore a little bit, so he thought of walking on the jungle when he came to stumble upon something an unusual. It was an odd looking watch and Ben quickly got interested in it. When Ben put it on, something odd happened to him, he was burning and that scared the hell out of Ben. He runs around and it set the forest on fire. Soon the whole forest was covered with fire. Fortunately, the fire department was able to put out the fire but it alerted the drones sent by Vilgax and that is the start of their long-time rivalry.

In this game, you won't be battling anyone since this is just a memory game. The idea here is to find all the Ben balls. But, there are also Vilgax Balls and you don't want them since that might end the game. You are allowed three mistakes in the game, after that, the game would be over.

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