Ben 10: Street Stunt

Whenever we are talking about Ben Tennyson, we need to know that he is a fighter even before he got the Omnitrix. But, that doesn't mean that he always won in a fight as he always got beaten by bigger guys when he was smaller. No, he didn't have the chance to repay them for what they did back then to him when he got the Omnitrix as he have move on with his life. Ben got busy with saving the world and fighting evil aliens. However, we all need some time for ourselves or we would just tend to get exhausted of whatever we do in this life. It is just an easy way of saying that Ben also has his own hobby just like the rest of us. For him, doing street stunts on his bike is the best way to show-off and be happy with his life.

In this game, you need to perform some stunts within the time-frame and make sure that you are able to get the minimal amount of score to pass a level. But, you need to be aware that it won't be easy as this game would be dangerous since your character might have an accident.

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