Ben10 Fishing Game

We all know that Ben is brave as he has proven himself so many times before. Actually, even without his Omnitrix, he is already brave, but the problem is that he got beaten up by bigger kids when he was young simply because he doesn't have the strength or power to back up his bravery. When he got the Omnitrix, he got a way to fight the bullies, but somehow, he never uses it on the bullies as it is not worth it. He is a good guy and would never use his power just to prove something. Anyway, as he become much more powerful, he noticed that he don't make time for himself and he doesn't enjoy his life anymore. He is still a kid and kids really need to enjoy themselves as they can only be kid for a short time. He had tried so many sports, but the one sport that he likes best is fishing. He likes it since, he can eat the fishes he caught after the day's work.

This game has a time limit, so you need to catch all the fishes that you can catch within the minimum time-frame. No, this game doesn't have a level and won't tell you how much fish is enough to pass the game.

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