Ben 10: Omniverse Save the World

When the world is trouble, Ben need to transform into the most powerful alien in the known galaxy, but then again, Ben can't control his power. Now, he has transformed into Shocksquatch, but it is clear that Alien X is the only alien with the power to wipe all of his enemies in just a little time. The problem is that Ben can't control which alien, he could use most of the time. For now, Shocksquatch is the only alien that he can use and he would need quite some time to power up his Omnitrix again. Fortunately, he was able to grab a powerful gun that he uses against the invading alien. His power would generate power for the weapon he got.

In this game, you would be playing as Shocksquatch and you can't transform into another form of alien. You would need to defend on your gun most of the time. Your character would keep on running for the rest of the game and you would need to eliminate any enemy threats that you see. You can also get some power-ups, but that would be rare. Most of the time, there would be enemy and you would need to shoot them a lot of time to destroy them.

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