Ben10 Bomber

Earth is being attack by aliens, but this is not something new since they are trying to invade us ever since they first landed on Earth. There have been lots of undocumented fights against the alien. Most of them has to do with the secret organization known as the PLUMBER. Grandpa Max was one of the greatest agent of the said group, but he is getting old, so he retired. When his nephew Ben found the Omnitrix, he immediately got accepted to the secret group. Using his Omnitrix, he was able to defeat lots of enemies, but he can't rely on his Omnitrix all the time as there are times when it is broken and it need to be fix. Sadly, that is not possible as the said device is not indestructible. Fortunately, for Ben that he is a member of the PLUMBER and he have access to lots of fire power.

In this game, you can't use the Omnitrix, but you have a powerful gun to fight the aliens with. Your enemy would sometimes be hidden in hard to reach areas. In this case, you need to utilize the environment as you can use it to your advantage.

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