Ben 10: Bigchill Rescure

Evil aliens are one again trying to cause some problem for the human race. They are using the humans as host as they would want to rule over the galaxy for now. However, their problem is that they can't reproduce on their own, so they are using the human body to be able to reproduce. They are taking over humans to be able to reproduce. Overtime, most of the humans were under control, but thanks to our hero Ben as he would not let such awful thing to be our fate. He would do all in his power to save us from the alien beings that are trying to use our bodies as host.

You are Big Chill in this game and you need to collect some Omnitrix symbol to pass and go to another level. However, that doesn't mean that there won't be danger, just because you won't need to fight aliens. The danger comes from the obstacles in your way as you navigate your way to the finish line. You would not want to hit anything on your way, so blast those ice forming on your front and make sure that you can avoid anything that you can't blast. If you hit anything then you would lose a part of your life force.

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