Ben10 : Zombieland

When the zombie apocalypse happened, no one was ready for it, so most of the people on Earth got turned into the living dead. However, for some reason, some people manage to survive and got their own hideout. When Ben got back from one of his missions outside Earth, he got surprise as zombies now rule the planet. he said to himself that there is no way that he would use the Omnitrix on these guys as he don't want to be infected. Anyway, he don't need to leave the RV just to destroy the undead since it is almost indestructible. He just need to run over them and the zombie would be history.

In this game, you don't need to step out and battle the zombies since you can just run over them to get rid of them. Drive the RV as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. The game would have lots of pits, but don't let it scared you since the control of the RV is not that difficult. Actually, the only way that you would fail in this game is when your vehicle fell on its back and it would be a rare case.

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