Ben10 Vs Ninja

Ben Tennyson is the holder of one of the most powerful device in the world. This is why, he is being targeted by lots of alien recently. However, aliens are not the only ones that are interested on the mystical watch as there are some people, who are also interested. One of those groups are the ninjas, which has been long known for assassination. There leader realizes the potential of the alien device and would want it for himself. He kidnap one of Ben's friend to get Ben to give him the device. The problem is that even Ben cannot get it off his wrist. The only way that Ben can get it off if he is dead and that is something that the ninja leader wants to do, so he send in some of his ninjas to retrieve it for him. Ben can transform, but he wants a fair fight as he also knows martial arts and he is not afraid to use it.

In this game, you need to fight the ninjas, but you can't transform into one of those alien freaks. You need to defend on your martial arts skill to defend yourself. The game would be harder as you make some progress, but don't worry since it can be handled by your martial arts skill.

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