Ben10: Takedown

The aliens are attacking, but Ben can't transform into one of those aliens right now since it needs recharging. Ben just transform into an alien an hour ago and now it needs to recharge for a few hours to regain its power. For now, Ben would need to defend on his blaster to fight the alien with. Ben is not good with blaster, but it can get the job done. It is better than nothing at all as that blaster can defend Ben for quite a while. Well, at least, till his Omnitrix is fully recharge. During that time, he can transform into one of those alien and use its power to fight the evil aliens.

In this game, you can't depend upon your Omnitrix. You have a blaster and that is what you would be using throughout the game. The idea here is to get to the finish line. But, don't forget to collect those orbs as that would play a vital role in the game. The game doesn't seem to have much enemy, but you don't want to exchange blows with the enemy either. It would help if you are going to crouch for most of the game. Well, at least, do that whenever there are enemies since their blaster can't hit you when you do that.

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