Ben10 Fireman

The battle with alien is almost non-stop, but Ben would never give up and he would fight to the very end. Well, at least, we know that he is on our side and he would never quit as long as he have the strength to help us. No matter how hard it is, we know that we can rely on him and nothing would be impossible for him. When a group of alien like bugs invaded the planet, Ben knows that the only thing that could stop them is HEatblast as the latter could burn them to the ground. No, he would never stop till the aliens are back to their mother ship.

In this game, you need to get rid of the aliens. Well, at least, those that are within your range. If your blast won't be able to reach them, then find other means to dispose of your enemies. the aliens won't move on their place and you can't also move. However, some aliens are well-hidden that you would need to find other means to reach them. You only have a limited shots, so you need to make most of them count, at least before your last shot.

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