Ben10: BMX

A BMX is a great bike that you can use almost anywhere since it is strong and it has enough power to take you anywhere you want to go. Of course, you wold need some practice if you want to go to a far away place. This is not as fast as a motorbike or a car, but this is an alternative way of transport. This won't cause any pollution since you are using your muscle power and not sort of gasoline. Anyway, Ben and Kevin decided to have a competition using their bikes in the countryside. The first one to reach the destination would get a free smoothie and neither one of them are willing to give up and let the other win on purpose.

Your goal in this game is to outrun the competition. You would be controlling Ben and your rival would be Kevin. This is just a friendly match between the two friends, so there is no need to transform. The winner is the one that gets to the destination first. AS you make some progress, you would notice that the game would be harder than before.

Are you ready to win the race and prove that you are good using the bike?

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