Ben10: Truck Smash

Ben Tennyson is the guy to go to whenever there are alien causing some troubles. Not all aliens are hostile, you need to make sure that these aliens are causing some trouble. Some aliens are rather good and are keeping the world safe from any harm. By this time, you do know about the PLUMBER. They are the group that is making sure that everything would be alright with the aliens and the humans. However, there are some humans that are causing some trouble in the human world. Some have this organization to work for them, while there are others that work with magics. This guys are sending their rock creatures to cause havoc among the street and the easiest way to get rid of these creature is by running over them. Of course, you do need some kind of truck to get rid of them since they are a bit tough.

In this game, you are harassed by rock creatures and you can't use the Omnitrix for some reasons. The goal here is to get to the other side before your health is gone. Collect some green orb as you can use it to purchase some upgrade for your truck later in the game.

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