Ben10:At the Coloseum

Ben was always fighting some aliens and chasing some aliens wasn't new to him as he has done it a lot of times before. But things aren't what they seems as these guys are setting Ben for a trap. The trap is to lure Ben to time machine and they have done just that. Ben was teleported back in time when the Omnitrix wasn't invented yet. There, Ben becomes a knight because of his braveness. He competed in many colosseum fights to prove that he is indeed the best. The prize was the hand in marriage of the lovely princess. But, it won't be easy, since there are lots of knights willing to fight for the hands of the princess in marriage.

In this game, you need to win battle after battle, but it won't be that easy, especially the knights are really strong and they can upgrade themselves too as they win. You can change your mount to be stronger. But, to do that you need more money and money can only be won if you are able to win in a battle at the Colosseum. This would be hard fought match. Actually, all of the battle would be hard since the enemy thinks and they are also able to upgrade themselves as they win the battle. You need some strategy to be able to win the match till you win the hands of the princess.

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