Ben 10: Turbo Racer

Ben is the type of person that loves danger. Before he even got the Omnitrix, he often gets into fight with the big guys, but then again, he always gets bitten because of his size. However, things change when he found the Omnitrix since he was able to transform into 10 different aliens. With their powers Ben become one of the strongest heroes in the world. Fortunately, Ben never get back at the bullies, who used to bully him back then. He let that slip away and forget about it. Of course, we know that those bully won't ever bully him again since he become powerful now. Well, because of his new found powers, most people become afraid of him and won't come near. But, Ben knows that they are mistaken and he can't do anything about that. So, Ben look for some activities that he can engage on and found that dirt bike racing is the way to go.

In this game, let us forget about the OMnitrix for a while since that won't help you at all in this game. You need to focus on biking and you need to make sure that you won't land on your face whenever you jump with your bike.

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