Ben 10 - Space Shooter

We might think that Ben should always depend on his OMnitrix since he have the power to change into almost any aliens he wishes. Well, at least, he can change into the aliens, his Omnitrix remembered. The downside is that it has a time limit and when there are lots of aliens around you, you won't have the chance to wait till you can use the power again, so Ben keeps a gun whenever he is traveling outside the world. He need this as he can't always depend upon his Omnitrix. Especially, right now as alien viruses are spreading around the galaxy. Ben needs his gun to kill them quickly as this aliens are spreading all over the world.

In this game, you can't use the Omntirix, as you would be depending upon your gun the whole time. You can travel the space with your back pack, but these aliens would suddenly appear from out of nowhere and you need to kill them as fast as you can. Don't let them get close to you as that would affect your life. Collect the coins that you see as you blasted your way out of the alien infestation. The game would be harder and more challenging as you make some progress.

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