Ben10 ChaseDown 2

It is true that aliens are living among us, but we don't have to fear since most of them are good and don't want to harm us in any way. But, just like us, there are evil aliens that would do anything to do harm to others. Fortunately, we have the organization known as PLUMBER to take care of that. It is a group that is made out of aliens and human beings working for the good of both aliens and humans. That is where Ben's grandfather used to work and now to continue the legacy, Ben also works there too. Ben receives a request from the office to chase down some aliens driving some automobiles and is causing havoc on the road. His orders are to get rid of them as fast as he can.

In this game, you need to get those alien nasty driver that are causing havoc on the road. Whenever you catch up to them, you need to shoot them down to make sure that they stay down. the game would be harder as you make some progress, but don't let that stop you as that would be the challenge that you need to face in playing such game.

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