Ben 10: Free Runner

We all know that Ben can transform into XLR8, which is among the fastest runner in the universe and sure, he use this alien forma lot of times before since the enemies can't simply much up to its speed. XLR8 might not be the fastest runner in the universe, but sure is the fastest alien being for Ben. Of course, Ben would use him in any way he can, but when Ben was invited to take part of a marathon, Ben can't use XLR8 since that would be cheating. Anyway, the rules of the game is to get to the finish line as fast as he can. And Ben intend to abide by the rules as much as he can since he don't want to be disqualified and not get the prize. Besides, this is just a game and nothing serious about here.

In this game, let's forget about using the OMnitrix as this has nothing to do with that. The objective is to get as far as you can within your time limit. Your time would be the heart, so when you lose all the heart then your time is up. You need to grab as many coins you can as you run to the course.

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