Ben10: Jeep

Ben is the kind of guy that chases adventure not because he likes troubles, but the feeling that he gets whenever he battles aliens. Sadly, he can't always do that as most aliens are not that dangerous since most of them are friendly. Ben would be in trouble if he would harm the harmless aliens. But, he need to keep up his fighting level ready for the hostile aliens. He need a sport that would drive his fighting level up. By fighting level, it means the adrenaline as that would make him stronger when needed. Sure, he got the OMnitrix that can transform him into more than 10 aliens at a time, but it needs some time to recharge and there are times when he would need it the most, but it won't be available. He need to be ready for this. One of Ben's favorite pastime is racing as that would drive his energy up most of the time. It is a dangerous sport, but that would help him in his job.

The idea here is to get to the finish line as fast as you can, but that won't be easy since the course is harsh. You need some skills to get there safely. Grab as many OMnitrix symbols along the way for points.

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