Ben10 Vs Zombie

Ben was not around when the zombie apocalypse happened. He was in a mission in outer space and didn't know what was happening. When he returned home, some of his friends turned into zombies when they come in contact with the zombies. Ben realizes that he can't use the power of the OMnitrix since he would need to fight close range against the zombies if he would use the power of the Omnitrix. He told this to the PLUMBER and they give him a blaster that he could use against the zombies. The blaster was effective since he don't need to be close to the undead. Ben vow that he would get rid of all the zombies and restore the planet to the human race.

The idea here is to eliminate all the zombies in a level. You need to do that in order for you to get to the next level. You have three weapons in this game: the gun, knife and grenades. Grenades are limited, so you need to use the gun and knife for most of the time. You would earn money based on how many you kill and according to the class of zombies that you killed.

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