Ben10 Basketball

Ben is always busy patrolling the Earth, but sometimes, he is doing more than that as he goes to outer space and make sure that everything would be fine. Well, that is his job and that is how he makes his living. Is quite an exciting job since you get to see lots of things, but we all know that we can't be enthusiastic about our job always. We need some diversion and this also applies even to one of the best hero we got in this world. You might think that it is out of this world, but Ben prepares to play with his basketball rather than anything else. It is not that much of a hobby, but this keeps him sane enough.

Your goal for this game is to shoot those balls as much as possible. No, there would be no dribbling and passing in this game since there are no other player here. You just need to shoot most of the ball in the ring. You can play in a practice match to prepare for the real thing or you might want to do the actual competition, but it would be a lot harder. Anyway, both would be difficult since where you stand usually changes.

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